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Imitated Reactive Pigment Printing Binder and Pigment Printing Binder appliedto pure cotton,nylon or synthetic fabric are good soft hand feeling,non-sticky,high color yield,beautiful colors without blocking the mesh or sticking the squeegee……more>>

Normal Rubber Paste,PUA Rubber Paste,and Special Rubber paste applied to pigment printing on cotton and other blended fabric.These pastes are good elasticity,high coverage,soft hand feeling and good fastness……more >>

Pigment Printing Thickener and Dispersion Thickener,which can form into paste quickly and thicken immediately at high stirring speed when adding water……more >>

Normal Rubber Paste Resin and PUA Rubber Paste Resin applied to producing rubber paste with good fastness,high coverage,soft hand feeling,excellent weather resistance and non-sticky……more >>

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Hefei Polymeric Radiation Technology Co., Ltd. (RadiaChem) is a high-tech enterprise which applies Cobalt 60-γ to radiate and synthesize high performance water-based latex.
The motto of RadiaChem is “Innovation with Technology, Working with Pragmaticism”. Our company has been devoted to the construction of the technological innovation system and tried our best to be the industry  

Hefei Polymeric Radiation Technology Co., Ltd.
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Hefei Polymeric Radiation Technology Co., Ltd.