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Commendation of cohesion,Celebration of Spring Festival Gala

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The commendation meeting as well as the celebration of Spring Festival Gala was been hold in the morning of 14th,February,2015.The Chairman Mr.Zhushouyu and consultants from USTC handled the meeting with about 200 workers attended the celebration.


The Chairman Mr.Zhushouyu announced the decision to reward the advanced individuals and group.They had done great efforts for the development of the company in 2014,and hope other colleagues to follow their steps to contribute to the companys further development.The Chairman Mr.Zhushouyu expressed his thankfulness to the advanced individuals and group,and ardent expectations of all the other workers.


A dinner party was held after the meeting,the representative of each department sang and danced,the show were warmly welcomed.The general manager Mr.Zhuliang sang a song Chinese at the end of the meeting,and enhanced the atmosphere to the highest level.Songs,applause and cheers rise one after another,which connected to be a sea of joy.The whole meeting was full of happiness which was a real happy party and celebration of Spring Festival for all of us.


The Spring Festival was approaching,we sincerely wished all the staff Happy New Year!And hope everyone to get higher achievements in the new year by efforts.

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